Michael Osei-Wusu

I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa this spring semester. It was here where I planned to write and shoot my JP film. I created a plan with my junior adviser, BJ, to make all this possible. My time in Cape Town was beautiful and magical. And this adventure I went on, I wanted to write a story about it. The world is amazing. The first time I went to the beach in Cape Town I couldn’t believe it, how beautiful the world can be. I realized that heaven can be found on earth. The people and friends I met, the experiences we shared, all of this will be remembered forever. This led me to writing a story that I felt could be timeless. Sadly, due to coronavirus this film was never shot. I was in the middle of pre-production planning when the Study Abroad Program called all their student back. I attached in my works the script along with a complete shot list of the short film, a look book, along with some videos to see the vision I had for the film.

Thank You,